Endure – powerful cleaner and degreaser – 4L


Endure cleans while deodorizing. Its fresh orange flavor allows it to be used daily for aerosol or sponge cleaning and degreasing in kitchens, cafeterias, office buildings, industrial workshops and hospitals

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Endure is a highly alkaline concentrated synergistic compound, penetrating, sequestering, synthetic solvents and surfactants. It gives great results during the daily cleaning of floors, walls, melamine, Formica, windows and all other hard surfaces, which are not damaged by water. ENDURE penetrating agents allow surfactants to penetrate
immediately under grease and dirt and spread them quickly. ENDURE’s sequestering and dispersing agents will disperse dirt particles in the cleaning solution and prevent them from sticking again to the cleaned surfaces.


General cleaning 1-20; Cleaning, average dirt 1-20; Walls, ceilings, fixtures 1-8; Toilet bowls 1-5; Woodwork 1-8; Showers, soap residue 1-1; Swimming pool (tiles, etc.) 1-1; Vinyl, leather, plastic 1-8; Machinery, tools, motors 1-4; Waxes and polymers 1-4; Glass 1-160; Steam cleaning 1-20; Stubborn dirt 1-4; Terrazzo, ceramic, concrete 1-4.


Do not use on surfaces that come into contact with food. Do not store in food processing or storage places. Do not contaminate food products. All surfaces subject to contact with food should be rinsed with potable water.

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Unit, Case of 4 units