Germidou anti microbin liquid hand soap – 4L


Germidou is an odorless antiseptic hand soap whose antimicrobial agent does not leave a prolonged medicinal smell.

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Germidou is a modern and luxurious antiseptic blend of cosmetic-type cleaning agents, specifically enriched with the emollient properties of glycerin and formulated for deep, silky hand cleaning, for users who wash their hands often such as doctors, veterinarians , dentists, nurses, pet and kitchen workers.
The quaternary ammonium, antibacterial particularly effective against a wide spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria contained in Germidou makes it the ideal antiseptic soap for cleaning hands in hospitals, retirement homes, medical clinics, dental clinics , veterinary clinics, food factories, restaurant kitchens, cafeterias, supermarkets, pet stores, institutional toilets and all other non-critical areas.


Wet hands with warm water and apply Germidou liberally. Rinse hands with hot water for a minimum of 10 seconds; then dry completely.


Do not store in food processing or storage places. Do not contaminate food products. All surfaces subject to contact with food should be rinsed with potable water.

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Unit, Case of 4 units